Meet the Taiyo America Team - Sonja Crim (Senior Customer Service Rep)

At Taiyo America, we take pride in forming close relationships with our customers. Just as much as we take pride in the close relationships we have with our team as a whole. Majority of our team members have been with Taiyo America for over 20 years. It is safe to say that we consider ourselves family to each other, watching and encouraging each other to grow both professionally and personally.

Each month, we will highlight an team member here at Taiyo America, share a little of their background, what motivates them outside of the organization, and what they love most about their experience with Taiyo.

This month, meet Sonja Crim, our Senior Customer Service Representative. 

What is your current role at Taiyo? -- Customer Service 

How long have you been with Taiyo America, Inc? -- 25+ year

What is your go-to productivity trick that keeps your organized? -- No tricks, just one email at a time, urgent requests, domestic customers 1st, int’l. customers 2nd.

What energizes you at work?  -- Positive feedback from the customers & co-workers

Describe one of your favorite Taiyo memories -- Years ago I realized that one of our Truck carriers picked up the wrong pallet going to Canada, and I almost ran over Neil Fox – 1st Taiyo America President in the hallway to go back to the shipping dock.  Neil asked Linda Merrell (Senior C/S) what was going on, and she replied that it was nothing just a Sonja moment.

What is the best part about working for Taiyo America?  -- I love my job working with our customers, and consider Taiyo as my second family.

What is your favorite way to unwind after a busy day? -- Going for a walk or quilting when I have time. Is it a favorite hobby? Yes quilting is a favorite hobby of mine.

Do you have a hidden talent?  -- One talent is teamwork and making sure the communication between our associates is clear.  Two: I am not sure if knowing what our customers normally order if that is a hidden talent.  I do like to double check my orders to make sure they are correct.   What is it?  I appreciate all our co-workers that help in making our company successful, and I let them know verbally.

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