Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions for Taiyo America solder mask products and Taiyo America solder mask production. Click the icon below to submit your question to Taiyo America and a Taiyo team member will contact you.

Does Taiyo's solder mask pass the NASA outgassing specifications?

Taiyo has numerous products that pass outgassing including solder mask products, via filling products, and legend inks. Please check each products Techinal Datasheet (TDS) for proper processing.

What is the difference between THP-100DX1 VF and HTG?

The difference is in the Final Properties. The HTG has the highest Tg and lowest CTE values in the industry.

Does Taiyo have solder masks designed for exposure on DI machines?

Taiyo sells Direct Imaging versions of all our popular PSR-4000 solder masks which are designed to expose faster on the newer DI exposure machines and they have the same UL and final properties.

Can the PSR-4000 solder masks be sprayed?

Yes, all of our LPI solder masks can be diluted with solvent and spray coated.

Does Taiyo have an inkjet legend ink for flex and ridgid applications?

Yes, the IJR-4000 FW100 is made for both flex and rigid applications. Click here for product information.

Can you apply inkjet legend ink directly to metal?

No, the IJR-4000 inkjet legend inks are designed to be jetted to solder mask and laminate.

Why are some LPI solder masks matte?

In some applications, a matte finish solder mask is considered to be better due to the greater surface energy and lower reflectivity.

Why is choosing the right solder mask so important?

Choosing the right solder mask is extremely important due to the end market. For example, if the product is for aerospace it generally needs to pass outgassing requirements. Also, if your PCB is flexible you will need to use a flexible solder mask.

What is the shelf life of your inkjet legend ink's?

Most Taiyo inkjet legend inks are good for up to five months at room temperature. Please check the label of each container.

Where are Taiyo America solder mask products made?

Most products marketed in the United States and Europe are made in Carson City, NV

Do Taiyo America solder mask products hold up to final finishes?

All of our products are desgined to hold up to final finishes, edge coverage over circuitry should be maintained. Final finish chemistry also needs to be maintained. Contact your Taiyo America Sales Manager for circuit coverage reqirements

Why are some white solder masks referred to as LED products?

They provide a higher reflectivity value for the lighting industry and better white color stability.

Are solder masks prone to leaching during final finishes such as Electroless Nickel Immerson Gold (ENIG)?

All solder masks will exhibit a degree of leaching when subjected to heated solutions and Taiyo products are designed to minimize this condition.

How can you minimze the level of leaching of solder mask during Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold ENIG?

A UV bump of 2 to 3 joules/cm2 can greatly reduce or elimnate the leaching.

Does Taiyo America have other colors for inkjet solder mask than green?

Yes, we have Black and soon to be released Blue, Red and other colors.

Does Taiyo America make a solder mask product to touch-up small areas of Solder mask?

Yes, Taiyo America makes a UV curable product for touch-up in three different colors, UVR-150TU Green, UVR-150TU Red and UVR-150TU Blue. Click here for information on UVR-150TU.

Does Taiyo America carry an inventory of Flexfiner?

We are planning to carry limited inventory starting in the Fall of 2021.