About Us

TAIYO AMERICA, INC. is a manufacturing subsidiary of Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd. (located in Japan) established in 1953.

We are the worldwide solder mask market leader. Since 1990, Taiyo America has been exceeding the industry's needs for solder mask products, legend inks, thermal management inks, and direct imaging products to consistently meet the ever-growing and changing demands for printed circuit boards.


Taiyo's solder mask products have a reputation worldwide for proven performance, outstanding quality, and extensive end-user acceptance. Several Taiyo’s solder mask products can be found around the world (and in space!) in the following industrial markets:


  • Hearing aids
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Imaging equipment
  • Robotic equipment
  • F-35 fighter jets
  • Mars "MER-1" robotic rover
  • X-59 Quesst X-plane
  • Satellites
  • Smart phones and smart watches
  • Desktop, laptop, and tablet computers
  • Electric vehicles
  • Brake systems
  • Vacuum pumps
  • LED headlamps and taillamps

Taiyo’s advancements in thermal management ink solutions for automotive and other high heat conditions as well as dry film solder mask for flexible circuit boards, maintaining our dominance in the printed circuit board market. Taiyo’s solder mask products can withstand extreme heat conditions and fit the increasingly tight registrations that come along with smaller printed circuit board production and higher data processing power demands.


Taiyo America offers a full line of colors and finishes in its PSR-4000 solder mask family that can be applied by screen-printing, spraying, and curtain coating applications.


No matter what your application requirements are, Taiyo will meet your coating requirements. New offerings from Taiyo America include dielectric and conductive ink products for the printed electronics and lighting and display markets, and inks that are applied with inkjet technology for traditional legend and printed electronics applications.


Our world-class regional sales and service teams are staffed with the industry’s most experienced minds who are positioned throughout North America and Europe providing easy access for our customers and friendly and exceptional customer care keeping customer retention high. Once you choose Taiyo, you become family and you are treated as such.


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"We have been using Taiyo products almost exclusively for 10 years now. Their products and processes offer a reliable solution right out of the box that perform as presented without multiple supporting process adjustments. Their customer service is excellent, easy to communicate with and anxious to resolve any issues that may arise. Taiyo appears to be addressing the latest technologies and trends such as the explosion in digital imaging and inkjet technology. They appear to me to be an organization who wants to present the industry with not only a solution to a problem, but a path to the challenges in the future."

—Pat O’Keefe, Holiday Circuits