Covering the World

by John Fix

Taiyo in Europe…we’re getting stronger!

Since 2005, our team here at Taiyo America has been servicing the European pcb market as well as our own American pcb market. We have been providing everything from manufacturing our products to providing the European customer base with technical and engineering services. We’ve done this with the support of our European distribution network as well our American team in Carson City, Nevada.

During this time, we have seen tremendous changes not only in technology-related to PCB designs and new pcb material requirements but also in pcb manufacturing technologies. In short, all these changes and improvements have driven our team to produce newer, more efficient solder mask products and services for our existing and new customers.

Fortunately, this team effort has been so successful that we established our first Taiyo Europe employee; industry veteran Frank-Ralf Mayer, our new European Sales Manager.

Frank-Ralf has a very strong background in the PCB industry with his previous work at Cicor. And we feel very fortunate have him join our team.

Unfortunately, as soon as Frank-Ralf joined the Taiyo America group the pandemic hit (although we do not blame Frank-Ralf for this) so you may not have had the opportunity to visit him in person….yet!

With Frank-Ralf on board, we are looking for Taiyo Europe to be as successful as all the other Taiyo groups by providing quality service and solder mask products. So, I urge you to reach out to Frank-Ralf Mayer and get to know him; he enjoys a nice coffee or a cold beer.

And, fortunately for us…and the rest of the world, there are now multiple vaccines available which means that we may all be able to get back to work and doing business the old fashion way…face to face.

Start a conversation with Frank! He can be reached at

In the meantime, Taiyo America is committed to serving all our customers at an even higher level. We are making improvements to our website to provide easier access to important documents, product literature, company/industry news, contacts, and new solder mask product pages. Stay tuned for more about that in the months to come.

And as always, please be safe as we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Lastly, be sure to keep an eye out for new webinars by Taiyo America to help with your PCB material needs.

And one more thing, lest I forget. Thank you for trust and your business. Your patronage is the true reason for our continued success.